• C#, VB.net, Java, .NET, ASP.NET (from version 1.0 till today), .NET Core
  • XAML, XML, Web Api, Windows Service, MFC, Xamarin, SharePoint
  • WinForms, WPF
  • Visual Studio, Android Studio
  • MS SQL Srv, Oracle, MySQL, MS Access, MongoDB, Sqlite, ArangoDB
  • CSS, Bootstrap, Semantic UI, JQuery, node.JS, JavaScript, TypeScript
  • DevExpress, Telerik, Syncfusion
  • Experience deploying to and managing apps in Google Play and Microsoft Store
  • CMS: Contentful, Piranha, Typo3 (and Wordpress - but pssst!)
  • SEO


  • National Governments
  • National Broadcast Companies
  • Universities
  • Insurances
  • Red Cross
  • TCCC

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