Download Audios in MP3 Format or Videos in MPG4 Format from YouTube with easy!

Just copy the YouTube URL from the adress bar of your browser and paste it in YouTube Recorder. Of course you're not restricted to one single URL, just paste as many as you like and download your files. Once you're done simply click on the "download all files" button.

You have a huge amount of files to download? No problem - simply tell YouTube Recorder in the settings to shut down your system once the downloads have been finished.

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A YouTube video actually consists of many different videos in different formats (MPG4, Flash, WebM) and resolutions (144p, 360p, 1080p up to 8k) and also different audio formats (and moreover bitrates). In truth there could be for example 27 videos behind a "single" YouTube video URL.

This application automatically downloads the MPG4 video in the highest available resolution with the best sound. However, not every 1080p/4k/8k YouTube video must have a MPG4 variant in this resolution, which is why the actual resolution may differ from the "maximum" specification on YouTube.